Bedford art class with music is ‘liberating and inspirational’

Bedford art class with music is ‘liberating and inspirational’

An art club that uses music to inspire creativity has been described by artists as “liberating” and “inspirational”.

Fiona Wilson, the co-creator of Painting Music at Frescoes Art Club, Bedford, said it was to “encourage experimentation and combat overthinking”.

Pat Walsh, a professional illustrator, said it “takes you out of yourself”.

Artist, Andy Ramsey, said it “promotes self-expression with no judgement”.

Fiona Wilson, who started the group with cafĂ© owner, Xanthe Jackson, said: “Painting to music is exhilarating.

“It’s a full-on sensory experience that stimulates spontaneous and emotive responses and enables me to get exciting marks down quickly.

“For me, what sets painting to music apart is just how ‘in the moment’ it can be.

“Sessions are very relaxed and designed to encourage experimentation, combat overthinking and cleanse the soul.”

The music is an “eclectic mix” that is different for each class, and includes classical, jazz, pop, blues and glam rock, she said.

Ms Walsh, from Bromham, said painting to music was “completely different and something I have never experienced before, as I normally paint quietly and it’s seen as serious business”.

“The sessions are just fun and they take you out of yourself; you are completely swept up and carried away by it,” she said.

“This is far outside my comfort zone and different from anything I’ve done before – it’s liberating.”

Mr Ramsey, from Bedford, said he would normally spend two weeks on a piece of art but when he painted to music he created something “completely different”.

“The sessions are inspirational, you have the freedom to create with no intention – you go with the flow and it works,” he said.

“It’s freedom and you step outside your comfort zone.”

Gemma Telford, who started attending in October, said: “I hadn’t done any form of art since I left school, but I really enjoy the time to be creative, play and try things out.”